In response to the performance at Brunel University an audience member, Emma Filtness, wrote a poem:


Spectres hang
In translucent wombs,
Drifting in amniotic sacks
Of white noise
That fizzes and shifts.

Cobwebs cling to pale
Limbs forming papery shrouds,
The absinthe light moves
In and out
With each rattled aspiration,
A simultaneous cry
Of death and sex.

Silence; bated breath…

Frozen structures that melt
And bend in the subtle switch
Of atmosphere,
Silhouettes loom, liminal
Voyeurs witnessing reincarnation
This subverted ultrasound.

Heartbeat. Pulse.
Ceremonial drum.
Dragonfly wings over
Stagnant water where
Grasses die, roots suck
And drain as creatures
Practice an ujjayi growl.

Childhood is abandoned,
Wires are crossed.
A quiet cacophony
Of planetary waves.

A haptic tactile chant,
Shamanic chords and tongues,
The television blizzard undulates,
Quietly recedes.

Abject projections:
Intruders multiply,
Invading textile territories,
Bending light, freezing moments.

Hands caress, lips rub
And nudge that filmy veil,
Twilight fades into night.

By Emma Filtness