This project is currently in the prototype stage, but was successfully tested during the MetaSeminar Digital Technologies Lab workshop. Experiment.spaces no.2 [Spheres] is an application which allows dancers to interact and guide virtual forms, in the shape of spheres, inside an online virtual space. Another dancer in a different location can also access this same virtual space over the internet and interact with the spheres.


Experiment.spaces no.2 [Spheres] is created from Max 6, which connects two computers directly using their IP addresses. Similar to Experiment.spaces no.1, the coordinates of the hands are tracked via the Kinect sensor and fed into Max 6. The coordinates are used to position and guide the spheres. In addition, the spheres and the virtual space have their own behaviours; the spheres respond in a similar fashion to a rubber ball and the environment simulates gravity. We are investigating how this application can be incorporated into a networked performance. From a UX design viewpoint, the aim here is to address slow internet speeds, delays, tolerance of error and loss of quality of movement over the internet and how these impact on user experience.