Experiment.spaces no.2 [Spheres] Proposal

This performative installation is the next iteration of Experiment.spaces #1 which was performed as studio work at MADA (Monash Art design and Architecture) in Melbourne, Australia. ‘Consider chance operations as a means of making a decision and how relinquishing control changes the outcome’ Merce Cunningham. As a creative device, we will adopt the Aleatoric system […]


This project was supported by a grant for METABODY: Media Embodiment Tekhne and Bridges of Diversity (EU Culture Program) and Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance at Brunel University London. Stage direction by Johannes Birringer Fashion design concepts and art design by Michèle Danjoux Featuring: Yoko Ishiguro, Vanessa Michielon, Azzie McCutcheon, Angeliki Margeti, Helenna Ren, […]

Experiment.spaces no.2 [Spheres] explore

This project is currently in the prototype stage, but was successfully tested during the MetaSeminar Digital Technologies Lab workshop. Experiment.spaces no.2 [Spheres] is an application which allows dancers to interact and guide virtual forms, in the shape of spheres, inside an online virtual space. Another dancer in a different location can also access this same […]


In response to the performance at Brunel University an audience member, Emma Filtness, wrote a poem: Inside-out Spectres hang In translucent wombs, Drifting in amniotic sacks Of white noise That fizzes and shifts. Cobwebs cling to pale Limbs forming papery shrouds, The absinthe light moves In and out With each rattled aspiration, A simultaneous cry […]

Metakimosphere no.1, MetaSeminar Digital Technologies Lab, Brunel University

The performance installation Metakimosphere no.1, by Azzie McCutcheon, Martina Reynolds, Helenna Ren, Seeta Indrani, Cameron McKirdy, Yoko Ishiguro, Johannes Birringer and myself was born of an eight week long MetaSeminar Digital Technologies workshop at Brunel University, London, facilitated by Johannes Birringer. The workshop was constituted of technologists, designers, dancers, musicians and artists, who all contributed […]

Experiment.spaces#1 (public rehearsal performance)

[vimeo 109411735 w=750 h=421] Kinect + Synapse + Max 6 + Quartz Composer + 1024 ParticleWarfare + Video. An interactive performance installation Performance by Rachel Heller-Wagner & Louis Matthews Choreography by Seeta Indrani Interactive environment by Chris Bishop Sound by Ariel Hassan Synapse: synapsekinect.tumblr.com Max 6: cycling74.com Quartz Composer: developer.apple.com/technologies/mac/graphics-and-animation.html 1024 ParticleWarfare: 1024d.wordpress.com

In the studio with contemporary dancer, Seeta Indrani, and martial artist, Gene Thai-Low

This initial stage was to trial the proposed technology. I wanted to test the responsiveness and range of the hardware and software with a contemporary dancer and martial artist by creating an environment similar to the proposed concept, Mashup Realities. The hardware included Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, a laptop computer and a projector. The software, Synapse […]